Young Masters is an art-based fundraiser creating forever keepsakes from your child’s original artwork building self-esteem and encouraging their interest in art. Each product is created with your child’s artwork expertly printed on it. A sense of pride, great gifts, and a donation benefiting your child’s school… everyone wins!

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Art Ideas

We’ve found that art that is more personal generates more funds.  Suggest something that the child and parent’s can relate to, such as, the family pet, family portraits, their room, their home, their favorite sport, etc.   But if you have students that are having a hard time deciding on a subject, here are some suggestions.

                Pets                                               Cats                                       Family Portraits

      Name Art                                         Flowers                                         Circus

           Fish                                       Wild Animals                              Holidays & Gifts

        Giraffes                                     Light Houses                                 Destinations

       Monkeys                                          Frogs                                          Bunnies

   Line Designs                                  Self Portraits                                       Turtles

    Owls                                Hearts                             Birds                               Treats

   Sports                           Professions                           Dogs                               Insects